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Comodoro Peter Chamberlaine

Pirate-hunter Woodes Rogers might have been the man tasked with restoring law and order in the Caribbean, but he often left it to others to do the dirty work. Step forward Commodore Peter Chamberlaine…

Rogers is known to have recruited a number of reformed pirates to pursue their former contemporaries; however Chamberlaine was British Navy through and through, and was duly eager to get to grips with the task in hand. He surely had the means to achieve it too, sailing out from London in 1718 in command of three ships and some 550 soldiers and sailors.

Aside from bringing errant buccaneers to book wherever they lurked, Chamberlaine was also known to encourage unemployed sailors to join his crew – often whether they liked it or not. Otherwise, he delivered his duties in the earnest belief that they were to the betterment of society.

Chamberlaine has a significant part to play in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, where players will find him to be a humourless, somewhat arrogant fellow with a firm belief in his own superiority. His mission is clear, as is his allegiance. With that in mind aspiring buccaneers are advised to tread very carefully if/when they encounter him…


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