Filtrada posible lista de logros y trofeos de Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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25G | Bronze – The Picture Of Arno Dorian
Complete Memory Sequence 1.

25G | Bronze – Travel Far And Beyond
Complete Memory Sequence 2.

25G | Bronze – Assault!
Complete Memory Sequence 3.

25G | Bronze – Memories Are Bitter-Sweet
Complete Memory Sequence 4.

25G | Bronze – Retribution!
Complete Memory Sequence 5.

25G | Bronze – A New Republic
Complete Memory Sequence 6.

25G | Bronze – Power Struggle
Complete Memory Sequence 7.

25G | Bronze – A Thousand Years of Tyranny
Complete Memory Sequence 8.

25G | Bronze – Revolution!
Complete Memory Sequence 9.

25G | Bronze – Direct Me To Your Leader
Complete Memory Sequence 10.

25G | Bronze – State Your Business
Complete Memory Sequence 11.

25G | Bronze – The New Empire
Complete Memory Sequence 12.

20G | Silver – Aiming For The Top
Complete 50% Of All Side Missions.

50G | Gold – Thorough
Complete All Side Missions.

20G | Silver – Blood On Your Hands
Complete 50% Of All Assassination Contracts.

50G | Gold – Devil Incarnate
Complete All Assassination Contracts.

10G | Bronze – Filthy Rich
Pickpocket 10,000 Assignats.

20G | Silver – I Will Walk
Cover 804.672 KM On Foot.

5G | Bronze – Safe Keeping
Upgrade Your Hideout.

10G | Bronze – The Enemy Within
Assassinate 50 Templars.

25G | Bronze – Be On Your Guard
Assassinate 100 Guardsmen.

20G | Silver – Dog Watcher
Synchronise 100 View Points.

10G | Bronze – Cult Of Versailles
Gather 25 Followers In Versailles.

10G | Bronze – Chopping Mad
Save 20 Citizens From The Guillotine.

25G | Bronze – Faith In Nature
Perform 50 Leaps Of Faith.

10G | Bronze – Unsociable
Push Over 100 Citizens.

5G | Bronze – Whet Your Whistle
Unlock A Tavern For The First Time.

10G | Silver – Quenched
Unlock All Taverns In The Game.

5G | Bronze – Wolves In Hiding
Find The Secret Tunnel Under Bastille.

5G | Bronze – Weapon Pool
Have All 4 Partners Buy The Same Weapon At The Same Time.

10G | Bronze – Viva La Vendée
Kill 25 Loyalists In Vendée.

10G | Bronze – Never Knew It Was Coming
Perform 10 Drop-Assassinations above 10M.

30G | Gold – Democratic Collector
Collect All Royalist Flags In Vendée.

30G | Gold – Third Best Collector
Collect All Estate Flags In Bastille.

30G | Gold – King Of Kings Collector
Collect All Monarch Flags In Paris.

30G | Gold – For The People collector
Collect All Noble Flags In Versailles.

10G | Bronze – Attempting
Complete Modern Day Mission 2.

10G | Bronze – Revolutionising
Complete Modern Day Mission 4.

10G | Bronze – Succeeding
Complete Modern Day Mission 6.

25G | Silver – Partner Up
Complete 4 Different Sequences Co-Operatively.

25G | Silver – March Together
Complete 8 Different Sequences Co-Operatively.

25G | Silver – Partners To The End
Complete All Sequences Co-Operatively.

10G | Bronze – Sharing Is Caring
Share Your Wealth With A Co-Op Partner.

Secret Achievements | Trophies

10G | Bronze – No Stay Of Execution
Executed King Louis 16th Before His Due Date.

5G | Bronze – Coordination At Its Very Best
Co-Operatively Executed Two Guardsmen within Two Seconds.

20G | Bronze – Revolutionist
Killed 50 Enemies With The Phantom Blade.

25G | Silver – Changed History
Prevented The Formation Of The Consulate.

25G | Silver – Leave The Past In The Past
Gave Napoleon The All Clear.

10G | Bronze – Sadistic
Observe Your Partner Assassinate 5 Loyalists Within 2 Minutes.

40G | Gold – I Will Walk More
Cover 1,609.344 KM On Foot.

PS4 Only Trophy

Platinum – Assassin With A Cause
Collect Every Trophy.


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  1. mmm… No se, hay algo que no me cuadra. Los nombres de los logros no me parecen muy originales. Y en ninguno dice nada del modo Rift. Y lo de “evitar el consulado”? me parece estúpido, y “dar el visto bueno a Napoleón”… en fin…
    Creo que son fake. Pero es mi opinión.
    ¿Que pensáis vosotros?

    1. >Implicando que los trofeos de AC (la saga en general) no tienen descripciones/títulos idiotas.
      >Implicando que los nombres de los trofeos tienen que ser originales.

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