Casting de Personajes

Today Producer Martin Schelling and Lead Designer Jean-Sebastien Decant explain how casting for ACIV involved scouring the globe to find the most authentic voices to fit diverse personalities.

Martin: “Our script-writer Darby McDevitt wrote the game first of all. After that came character design and all necessary concept-related discussions. Then, they went looking for the right guy to play each character. It took quite some time…”

Jean-Sebastien: “Darby held a lot of interviews alongside our animation director. They came to the UK especially to try out lots of different actors. After that they were able to narrow the search down to maybe two or three that might be a good fit. Eventually, from that whole process, we found our ideal candidates. ”

Martin: “We are extremely pleased with how they all turned out, from Edward and his quartermaster Adewale to pirates James Kidd and Stede Bonnet, they all sound very authentic.”


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