Retos de la Comunidad

This final message from Black Flag Associate Producer Sylvain Trottier prepares us for the awesome community challenges coming our way, accessible in the game or via the Companion App.

Sylvain: “We have a messaging system within the Companion App, and this includes updates on features such as the Community Challenge. These are themed events, for example a tie-in with Shark Week (something we have in the US, where some TV stations just broadcast all-you-need-to-know-about sharks). So, during Shark Week, we could say ‘okay you need to hunt 1000 sharks’ or ‘we need to hunt 50,000 sharks altogether’, ‘find three different types of shark by yourself’. But it can be any subject, random or calendar based; it all depends on what our community managers want to do.

“Rewards can be individual or shared by the community if we earn it altogether – usually in-game money, ‘reals’. The team did consider in-game items to unlock, but to begin with it’s only money. I know the community guys are planning to have a lot of fun with these challenges ongoing…”


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