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In this behind-the-scenes look at ACIV, Producer Martin Schelling and Lead Designer Jean-Sebastien Decant focus on the new tactical options available to Edward Kenway while free-running.

Martin: “Before, in ACIII, the forest was separated from the city, but in ACIV we seemlessly blend the two. Now there is much more freedom to jump from a building to a tree, then back onto another building – it offers many more layers of tactical navigation within the cities. We started this way of thinking in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, but for ACIV we have certainly pushed it further. Another fresh angle for ACIV is navigation from the masts of the ships, especially when you are boarding.”

Jean-Sebastien: “If you want a particularly good example, you should play Kingston, because there is a really good mix of tree and rooftop – quite different to Nassau, let’s say.”


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